A company, established in 1964 by late Mr. Klaus E. Oldendorff. The company started trading on 12th December 1964, when it took delivery in Kiel of a single deck 1,417 tons deadweight vessel called "BOCKHOLM" into its management.  The following day, 13th December, the company opened its first office in Hamburg.


Over the years the company has expanded and built a reputation for quality ship management for third parties. The focus is on operational excellence against a fair remuneration, rather than on size of the managed fleet. The management services cover the  following areas:


             Commercial Management

             Finance and Accounting

             Technical Management

             Crew Management

             Safety and Security Services

             Vetting Services

             New Build Supervision


The Group currently comprises of two separate management companies








REEDEREI NORD GMBH located in Hamburg, Germany with focus on the dry tonnage and REEDEREI NORD LIMITED located in Limassol Cyprus with its main focus on the wet tonnage. Jointly they manage a fleet of nearly 50 vessels including Container Vessels, Bulk Carriers (Hamburg) and Tankers (Limassol) (see ‘Fleet details’ for further information).


All managed vessels are owned by private individuals from all over Europe. All investors benefit from and appreciate the first class and exclusive management services and the transparency provided by Reederei Nord and therefore accept a good management fee in exchange. The companies are open to and would appreciate to consider services to any investor(s) who may be interested in the shipping sector.