Contracts of Employment

The terms and conditions of your individual contract stipulate both our and your responsibilities. It is worth mentioning here that the language to be spoken on board is English and all correspondence between your vessel and our office will be in the English language.

With regard to the duration of your employment, we would like to explain the company’s procedure.

As soon as you have joined the ship and have received a copy of your contract of employment, the company will make a note of the date of expiration. Note that your contract allows the duration of your employment to be varied so that the Company can repatriate you from a suitable port. The Master will inform you of the Company’s intention to arrange for your repatriation.

The company may consider an extension of contract and should you wish to prolong your service on board please speak to the Master as early as possible before completion. He will then inform the office of your request.

It should be noted that all officers are required to have uniform when they join the ship. Senior officers are paid a uniform allowance to ensure that they maintain a smart appearance. Epaulettes indicating the rank of the officer should be worn as part of the uniform. Only company supplied epaulettes should be worn. When onboard uniform should be worn at appropriate times and especially when there are persons from ashore onboard such as pilots, agents etc.

The company uniform comprises:

  • White shirt
  • Navy blue pullover with either round or ‘V’ neck
  • A black tie
  • Black trousers
  • Black shoes
  • Epaulettes

For warmer climates

  • White or Khaki open necked shirt
  • White or khaki trousers or shorts

You are also reminded of the serious consequences if your are found taking any illegal drugs or are in possession of these substances or you have helped in any way in the smuggling of drugs. This will result in your instant dismissal. But also we will not hesitate to hand any suspects over to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Your contract of employment contains the following important paragraph – “The Employer’s policy towards drug and alcohol meets the highest standards. Alcohol impairment is defined as alcohol/blood content of 40mg/100ml or greater. The Crew Member agrees to submit himself without any limitation to alcohol and drug testing, carried out by independent persons appointed by the Employer.”

The company also permits an officer to be accompanied by his wife and children. However this privilege will not be extended until an officer has completed a minimum of 6 months service with the company. There are other rules concerning the carriage of families onboard and these can be found in the company Fleet Instruction Manual.

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