Safety First

Now that you have joined the ship your most important duty is to familiarise yourself with the safety arrangements and our Reederei ‘NORD’ Safety and Management System (RNSMS).

One of the items you will be given when joining is a Familiarisation Training Card. The first section of this card is “To be completed immediately on arrival” and you should do the tasks indicated before the vessel sails from the port where you have joined.

There will be plans displayed in the accommodation showing the exact locations of all equipment, such as fire extinguishers, alarm buttons, international shore connections, emergency escape routes, tools, etc. Please study these plans carefully, and memorize the location of each safety device, especially those near to your cabin and in and around your place of work. Every now and then you should check again to remind yourself of the location of important safety equipment. It is too late to have to search for an emergency tool when you really need it.

Another important aspect is the maintenance of safety equipment and you should always ensure such items as fire dampers, hoses, nozzles, extinguishers, lifebuoys etc. are in good working order. Any defects should be immediately reported to the head of the department.

Emergency equipment must never be used for any other purpose or removed from its place, without the specific instructions of the Master. It is equally important that access to the emergency equipment is never blocked.

The law requires that emergency drills be carried out at certain intervals. As your own life may some day depend on your performance in a real emergency, you are required to participate in the drills, not only because of the law, but to make sure that you are able to perform your task swiftly and correctly in an emergency situation.

You should always work in a manner, which is safe for yourself and your fellow crewmen. Safety hats, safety shoes, safety goggles and other safety equipment are provided by the Company and must be worn whenever appropriate.

All our ships have safety video libraries on board. These videos are a valuable part of our onboard training programmes and you are encouraged to make maximum use of this facility. Also this company employs 2 dedicated Training Officers who travel from ship to ship conducting training sessions, not only on safety matters but all aspects of ship operation.

All our ships have safety training computer on board for your individual refreshment of your knowledge. The program includes safety videos and computer based training lessons. You are encouraged to use the facility with maximum effect.

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