Crew Mail

Crew mail is forwarded on free of charge from the office at frequent intervals depending on the position and/or destination of the ship. We have a lot of experience of mail being lost in certain countries and we try therefore to avoid sending the crew mail to ports where there is a high risk that it will not reach the ship. We are confident you will agree with us that it is better to wait for the mail at a safer port rather than not to receive it at all.

You may send your mail through the agents in the port by giving it to the Master before the ship sails. The postage expenses for letters are paid by the company.

Your relatives can send mail either directly to the agent in the ports you are visiting or otherwise through our office in Limassol/Hamburg. Mail sent via the office should be addressed as follows:-

For the Dry Fleet:

Mr. (Your name)
MV (the name of your ship)
Zirkusweg 2
20359 Hamburg

For the Tanker Fleet:

Mr. (Your name)
MV (the name of your ship)
Libra Tower
23, Olympion Street
P.O. Box 56345
3306 Limassol


The transmission of e-mails from ship-to-shore and vice-versa can become quite expensive, because the data is transferred via a satellite. Our company has to pay these charges when a ship sends and also when she receives e-mails.

However, the sending and receiving of private e-mails onboard our ships is free of charge for the crew-members, but the free e-mails are subject to certain rules. These are necessary to ensure that the private e-mail traffic is kept under control and does neither burden the Masters with too much administration nor disturb the communication of our offices with the ships. Our rules are:-

  • that each crew member shall be entitled to receive and send 20 e-mails per month free of charge, i.e. the total number of received and sent e-mails shall not be more than 20. Any additional e-mails sent or received shall be charged for satellite time and handling fees of the service provider.
  • that e-mails should not be longer than the equivalent of 1 page of A4.
  • that e-mails sent and received shall be plain text only with no attachments.
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