Drug & Alcohol Policy


The Company’s Policy on Drug and Alcohol is designed to ensure that REEDEREI NORD meets its responsibilities to comply with all relevant legislation and regulations including application of due diligence at all times. This will include ensuring conditions such that all operations on board are carried out safely and that no work, task or job is carried out on board by an employee who is intoxicated or under the influence of illegal substances.


The Company will not tolerate any employee and or other person on board the ship to take onboard, possess and/or consume illegal substances. This includes having traces of any illegal substances in their body on embarkation of the vessel at the commencement of a voyage.

Details of the strict controls that REEDEREI NORD enforce, including the testing for illegal substances, are included in our Drug and Alcohol Procedure in the Fleet Instruction Manual.


The Company will not tolerate any employee carrying out or attempting to carry out their duties whilst intoxicated and or behaving improperly due to the influence of alcohol.

REEDEREI NORD’s Policy ensures that any alcohol permitted on board its vessels is strictly controlled. Exceptionally on our Tankers alcohol is prohibited.

Details of these controls including when consumption is not permitted, the testing procedures and the training of the Master/Senior Officers in the enforcement of the Policy are documented in our Drug and Alcohol Procedure in the Fleet Instruction Manual.

REEDEREI NORD is committed to operating its fleet safely and with full regard to the environment. All employees are made fully aware of our Policy on Drugs and Alcohol.

The conditions in this Policy also apply to any REEDEREI NORD shore personnel when visiting / attending a vessel.

All employees are reminded that any failure to comply with the Company’s Drug and Alcohol Policy and Procedures may result in dismissal. Employees should also be aware that the possession/use of drugs or carrying out their duties on a vessel while under the influence of alcohol is a criminal offence. The penalties for these offences, especially involving drugs, are severe and can result in custodial sentences.

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