There are quite a few things that you can do to help maintain the high standards and cleanliness we expect on our ships.

When you see a machine or a tool always make sure that you know how to use it either by carefully studying the instructions or by asking somebody who knows. Never experiment by trying without knowing as this may not only damage the machine or tool, but may be dangerous to yourself as well.

The same applies to the use of almost any material such as paints, thinners, washing powders, detergents, etc. If there are no proper and clear instructions on the container do not use it until you have consulted somebody who is familiar with the contents.

All too often hundreds of dollars worth of materials are wasted because the instructions have not been properly observed.

At work and anywhere else please do not use force on a device that should move at the touch of your hand. If it is seized or damaged, it must be repaired as soon as possible. Using force only makes matters worse. If you see equipment broken or damaged please let the head of department know immediately so that necessary arrangements can be made for repairing the equipment at the first opportunity.

Mistakes can happen to anybody and you should never feel afraid to tell your department head should you happen to damage or break something. By not telling the head of department immediately, you may cause further – and much more serious damage.

Smoking is not permitted in certain places on board. Please observe the NO SMOKING signs.

The cleanliness and appearance of the ship in general and the messrooms and accommodation in particular are everybody’s concern. Please leave the showers and toilets, etc. in exactly the same condition as you would wish to find them yourself.

Although the messman cleans the alleyways, messrooms, pantries, etc., you should make every effort to avoid bringing dirt in with your shoes and use ashtrays and waste-bins for their purpose.

Always make sure that the pantry and the messrooms are clean and dishes cleared away after using them at night.

To avoid dust and dirt from entering into the accommodation the doors leading out should be closed at all times especially when the air conditioning is running.

The outside decks must also be kept clean. Do not litter the decks with cigarette butts, empty bottles or other discarded items, and never leave tools, paint drums and other materials on deck when you finish work.

Remember also to replace tools in their designated storage places when you have finished with them, so your colleagues can find them when they next want to use them.

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