If you have any reason to suspect that you are ill, you must immediately notify the officer in charge of the hospital on-board. It is far better to treat an illness at the earliest possible stage than try to cure it later! Even though the facilities onboard are restricted there are medicines for most illnesses and injuries.

When necessary, you will be sent to a doctor in port. You will then receive a Medical Examination Form from the doctor to fill in. When you return to the ship, you must return two copies of this form to the Master so that he can make the necessary arrangements for medication or treatment as prescribed by the doctor.

If your case is serious enough for hospitalisation or repatriation, you can rest assured that you will receive proper treatment. The company’s insurance representative in the port will be notified and the agents will be instructed to take care of your needs. As soon as possible, you will either be sent home or to another port to re-join your ship, or another of our ships.

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