At the end of each month you will receive from the Master a Wage Account showing your earnings, expenses and balance. The account of wages will be in US$ or in the case of EU nationals in EUR€. Expenditure, such as canteen, postage (parcels only), cash advances, telephone calls, e-mail messages (if more than 10 per month) and allotments will be charged to your wage account.

You are allowed to make one allotment per month. The company will arrange the allotment and send money to your designated account.

During each month you are entitled, at the Master s discretion, to draw cash on-board, but in any case only up to the amount earned. That is, you cannot draw cash for the whole of the month on the first day, and whenever you draw cash, your allotments and other expenses must be taken into account.

We have had a number of incidents where seamen being repatriated have been robbed or have lost all their money. For this reason we strongly recommend that seafarers request to have any large balance of wages transferred by the Company to their bank account. You may, however, wish to take some cash when you leave the ship to cover your expenses until the balance of wages is credited at your bank.

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