On all our ships there is a canteen for bonded stores and a limited variety of other items. The variety and amount of items in the canteen depend largely on the company regulation, crew demands and the trade the ship is employed in. Therefore, you should be aware that certain items available on some ships are not included in the stock of others. The prices depend on orign and therefore will vary.

Canteen is issued on Master’s discretion usually in certain days at sea, but it is normally possible to keep the same schedule in port, as this depends on the local customs regulations.

All contracts of employment include regulations regarding the use of alcohol, and the Master is required to observe these regulations.

The Company TAKES A VERY SERIOUS VIEW of any misuse of alcohol onboard ship and such misuse is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. The Master may impose restrictions on the use of alcohol for the sake of the safety and well being of the ship.

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